‘Blockchain Agnostic’ in Action | Feb 22, 2017 Blockchain News

You can have your transactions secured with public Ethereum blockchain or Hyperledger Fabric. … Read More

Hands on Blockchain – One Day Class

HANDS ON BLOCKCHAIN – ONE DAY CLASS Blockchain technology came into existence with the Bitcoin white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto in late 2008 as a means to enable peer to peer electronic cash transactions. Since then, the blockchain technology has … Read More

Can you really see the future? Feb 15, 2017 Blockchain News

Blockchain will become platform which enables extinction of many businesses & birth of others. Will you harness technology or wait for it to disrupt you? … Read More

Anything can go wrong! Feb 7, 2017 Blockchain News

Attores’ digital signing platform performed very well during last weeks Polytechnic and Singapore Fintech Association MOU signing on TV! … Read More

Community Building Jan 31, 2017 Blockchain News

As we move into the year of the Rooster, I thought I’d crow about the wonderful support we receive from the community. … Read More

Blockchain Evolution Jan 24, 2017 Blockchain News

As industry players, we see the evolution happening before our eyes- but for those outside, who aren’t in the blockchain trenches, this is very useful. … Read More

King of Kong, Hong that is. Jan 17, 2017 Blockchain News

Gaurang and I are in Hong Kong this week for the NextMoney Fintech Finals, and also using this opportunity to meet with potential clients and partners. If you would like to meet up- send me an email. … Read More

Bitcoins price rise, fall, rise, fall, repeat…. Jan 10 , 2017 Blockchain News

Bitcoin broke the $1000 barrier last week, and just touched the previous 2014 high of $1200. With the dramatic rise came renewed media attention. … Read More

Blockchain and Smart Contracts 2017, and beyond: Jan 3, 2017 Blockchain News

Some fun with predictions. In the words of Warren Buffett, predictions tell you more about the person making them, than the actual predictions themselves … Read More

2016 in the Can, December 27, 2016 Blockchain News

Before we close off 2016 and begin celebrating the New Year- let's take a little look back to some of the highlights for us in 2016. … Read More