This has been a very busy week filled with presentations and interesting meetups!

FOSSASIA is the largest open source conference in Singapore. As leaders in the blockchain community we were asked to help bring in some speakers for the blockchain track as well as moderate it. David took on the moderator role and Gaurang presented on Attores and our open source code.

gaurang at FOSSASIA

Next, David in his role as board member of ACCESS presented the basics of blockchain for the NTUC PME week. He also presented the platform, doing a live demo of a certificate issuance to the hundreds in attendance.


A very active week for presenting Attores, not to mention the packed special speaking engagement by Andreas Antonopoulos (video coming soon) and Ethereum Singapore meetup with Consensys Co-Founder Andrew Keys.

In other Blockchain News:

China continues to lead
Be afraid: China is on the path to global technology dominance

china rising

This extraordinary transition from cheap and cheerful to world-matching high tech is not an accident, and in many governments around the world it is triggering alarm and protest.

Modernizing the grid
How Utilities Are Using Blockchain to Modernize the Grid

blockchain grid

Companies are conducting pilots to explore blockchain’s potential to make existing processes, such as meter registration, more efficient and less costly.

If you could rewrite the rules, would you?
Blockchain Tech Has Never Been More Valuable or More Ready for World Domination

ethereum blockchain

Blockchain systems are well on their way to becoming the new industry norm.

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