When you think about the future, do you see desks full of paper? Do you think people will still be writing checks, and mailing them around the world? Will you have to drag your certifications, diplomas, and other professional credentials in bend proof folders?

The team at Attores says absolutely NO. The future is digital. Paper documents will become a relic of the past, just as leather bound books and moveable type printing presses with hand rollers already are. If your industry is clinging to paper, because “that’s the way it’s done”, code is coming to disrupt you.


Blockchain will become the platform which enables the extinction of many businesses and the birth of others. Will you harness the technology or wait for it to disrupt you?

In other Blockchain News:

Our Blockchain Future
Blockchain Will Completely Revolutionize How We Run the World


In the blockchain space, there is currently no entrenched mentorship hierarchy, and no need to be part of a specific social group or boys’ club in order to access information and libraries that tend to be open source. With its open-source roots, blockchain is inherently a technology of inclusion, and that structure is already being reflected.

Jumping on the Blockchain Board
Corporate boards are on board with blockchain, survey finds

boards blockchain

Slightly more than two-thirds of the executives surveyed said their companies were actively engaging in blockchain initiatives. Nearly one in five, 16.7%, have homed in on particular use cases for the technology, with global payments, trade finance and Know Your Customer compliance topping the list.

Blockchain In Your Toaster?
For Solution Providers, Blockchain Is The Next Wave Of Opportunity For IoT

iot blockchain

Blockchain technology could create a new way to track the unique history of individual devices through recording a ledger of the data exchanges between devices and users or web service. Participants can, for example, confirm transactions without the need for a central certifying authority.

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