One of the best unintended complements we get at Attores is when we do a demonstration of our platform, and people say ‘thats simple, can’t anyone copy it?’.

What they don’t get is all the technology and expertise that’s going on behind the scenes to make it seem ‘simple’.

Gaurang recently gave a public talk on ‘Abstracting the Blockchain’ over at SGInnovate- the Singapore government hub for deep technology companies where Attores sits.

In other Blockchain News:

Government Blockchain Support
Blockchain strategy approved by Cabinet of Malta

trustless blockchain

The Cabinet has approved a blockchain strategy which would soon be issued for public consultation, making Malta one of the first countries in the world to have a national strategy, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said yesterday.

Hmm. Hype?
Blockchain: Overhyped buzzword or real-deal enterprise solution?

ethereum blockchain

While blockchain is among the hottest technologies in the enterprise security, data storage and file-sharing arenas, many experts question its use or even whether it’s really as secure as billed.

Challenge Accepted!
Fintech challenge for regulators: Evolution or revolution?

advertising blockchain

Indeed, partly due to a regulatory void in which they have operated until recently, and the lackluster innovative adaptability by traditional banks, fintech companies have quickly moved on from their initially modest offerings in back office operations into areas such as trading, investment, retail banking, thus emerging as direct competitors in the industry.

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