First in Singapore! May 24, 2017 Blockchain News

We’re incredibly happy to announce that Attores has a pilot for digital diplomas, issued onto the blockchain with Ngee Ann Polytechnic. … Read More

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First in Singapore, Public Facing Blockchain Application to Pilot at Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Press Release: May 23, 2017 Singapore: Although much fanfare has been made about the potential of blockchain for finance, on the ground in Singapore, one innovative polytechnic has found an immediate use case- issuing digital versions of their diplomas onto … Read More

Making it look easy | April 24, 2017 Blockchain News

Gaurang recently gave a public talk on ‘Abstracting the Blockchain’ at SGInnovate-Singapore government hub for deep technology companies where Attores sits. … Read More

Infographic: Is it ‘Blockchain Possible’? | Potential Blockchain Applications And Use Cases

Blockchain Possible : Applications, use cases that are possible to be built on/for blockchain. Let’s look at what applications are ‘Blockchain Possible’. … Read More

We’ve Solved Scaling! April 1, 2017 Blockchain News

We have great news! Attores has solved a major problem with scaling. … Read More

Blockchain out of the box, Mar 24, 2017 Blockchain News

In FOSSASIA we were asked to help bring in some speakers for blockchain and moderate it. David took on the moderator role and Gaurang presented on Attores. … Read More

Beginner’s Guide to Smart Contracts on the Blockchain

Let’s take a look at what a Smart Contract is and and why Smart Contracts on the Blockchain is a new form of writing the traditional Contract. … Read More

Dancing with Elephants, Mar 17, 2017 Blockchain News

Attores had the pleasure of being asked to participate in the IBM Connect 2017 event in Singapore early this week. Thank you to all the attendees who stopped by our booth and received a digital certificate deployed onto our Hyperledger Fabric nodes! … Read More

Enjoying a B.L.T. with Authority | Mar 8, 2017 Blockchain News

We’re very happy to announce that together with some other blockchain companies we’ve rolled out a stable testnet for Ethereum called Kovan. … Read More

We’ve got Swagger and Certificates | Mar 3, 2017 Blockchain News

You can have your transactions secured with public Ethereum blockchain or Hyperledger Fabric. … Read More