About Attores


We started Attores with a simple idea, simplifying the creation, deployment and execution of smart contracts on blockchains. We are building an open repository of smart contracts, and a platform which will enable the secure customization of these contracts.

What We Believe

Strive to make life easier

Be it customer or colleague, you work hard to make people’s life easier, even by just a bit.

Priorities when problem solving: Customer > Colleague > You

Transparent and Strongly Connected to the Community

We open source our code whenever possible, and believe in defensive patents.

Autonomy & Ownership

Take initiatives, take stand and use your best judgement at times. If a user has a problem that is brought to your attention, take ownership of it and help solve the problem.

Stay humble & Be Adaptable

You are a no-ego doer. You adapt according to the situations and make the most out of them.


Find simpler and better ways to get things done.

Have Fun!

Work hard but remember to have fun!

Our Team

David Attores

David Moskowitz

CEO Co-Founder

Founded a bitcoin brokerage in 2013. (Coin Republic) Built to $1mil in transactions per year, acquired July 2015. 20 years experience in product development, marketing and sales. Board Member, ACCESS The Singapore Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association

Gaurang Attores

Gaurang Torvekar

CTO Co-Founder

Startups in FinTech and Artificial Intelligence across India and Singapore. Masters from Singapore Management University in Information Systems. Organizer of Ethereum community in Singapore.

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