All of us at Attores wish you and your family a Happy and Healthy Holiday and New Year!

Before we close off 2016 and begin celebrating the New Year- let’s take a little look back to some of the highlights for us in 2016.


Gaurang and David Found Attores
After discussing market opportunities and our interests for several months we begin work on the Attores platform- making it easier for people to create, deploy and use smart contracts and blockchain technology.


iJam Funding Approvedijam funding
With the help of Angel’s Gate Advisory, Attores was awarded a S$50,000 by the National Research Foundations iJam Grant system for our blockchain smart contract platform. We begin work on the initial prototype utilizing smart contract templates for swapping digital assets on the ethereum blockchain.


FinLab Pitch
We applied for and are accepted into the FinLab Accelerator program. FinLab is a joint venture between UOB Bank and IIPL (Infocomm Investments, a Singapore government investment company).


FinLab Begins
We began our indoctrination into the world of corporate accelerators and banking.

Open Source Release of Swaps
Version 0.1 of the smart contract swap code is released as open source- this allows user to swap the digital asset DGD for ether- the code acts as both the escrow system and the clearing mechanism. Soon after a second contract is released for the swap of DGX a token representing fully allocated digital gold for ether. Ether is the native cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain.


Pivot to Document and Data Sharing
We begin redesigning the platform to move from deploying smart contracts for swaps and forwards, to deploying document data onto the blockchain in a secure way. After discussions with many parties we decide that we are too early in the market for our original vision and refocus on a new goal.

THE DAO gets Hacked! ($50m siphoned off) 
An investment fund deployed as a smart contract on the ethereum blockchain raised over $150m and a month later gets hacked. Attores is affected as we are seeing these projects as potential clients of our Smart Contracts as a Service.

First Prenup On the Blockchain

Gaurang is the first in the world to put a prenup agreement into a smart contract. He open sources the code and the news sites go nuts!

Gaurang Achieves Unicorn Status

For his greatly appreciated work at Attores Gaurang is officially drawn as a Unicorn. Unfortunately, no requests are made to purchase copies of the artwork and we continue work on the platform.


Platform Building and Meetings….
We spent the month of July working on the platform, attending meetings on possible POCs with the FIs, pitch meetings with VCs, and prepping for demo day, Nothing to see here. Move along.


Demo Day
The culmination of preparation, we finally make the big pitch at the National Gallery in Singapore. Over 300 people are in attendance including the Chairman of UOB and heads of IIPL.

Mainstream News Feature
Attores receives our first feature in a mainstream newspaper. We do our best to smile wide for the camera and several more articles appear over the next months. ‘FinTech’ and blockchain is gaining massive attention by the media.


Digital Certificates Launched

The first Certificate of Accomplishment is deployed by a local non-profit society ACCESS for it’s blockchain course using the Attores platform. Using smart contracts and blockchain you can prove when and by whom the certificate was issued by, and it will be available as long as the blockchain exists.


Digital Signing Launched
The beta version of the digital signing platform is launched with the signing of a sales agreement for the sale of a website to Averspace, a P2P property portal.

Also of note is Gaurang’s destruction of

Tokyo during the Tech-in-Asia conference a few days later. The two are unrelated.


APIs Launched
We have opened up our APIs to 3rd parties to allow them integrate our signing and smart contract deployment technology into their own applications. 2FA is also enabled on the signing platform as we harden our security.


MultiParty in-person Signing 
In a first for the world, the Attores platform was used for a 6 person in-person MOU signing at Byte Academy, which was recorded onto the blockchain.

FinTech Festival Top 40 Finalists 
Our swap contract technology is recognized for an award by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Although we do not win the award, we are greatly honored to be selected from the hundreds of applications- we also have the opportunity to meet the MD of MAS and the Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore.


Blockchain meets ProTech
Our APIs are now being used by property portals for the signing of contracts, along with new, unexpectedly awesome use cases. Popety starts using the API to create a logbook for 1.3m properties in Singapore. As property updates such as repairs, deals and other transactions happen, a new entry is made into a smart contract on the blockchain.

Gaurang Prenup is Activated
As per the terms in Gaurang’s smart contract prenup- his wedding day of December 10 activates the functions of the code.

Looking forward to what 2017 has in store!

Best Wishes,


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