Bitcoin broke the $1000 barrier last week, and just touched the previous 2014 high of $1200 before quickly falling back below $900. With the dramatic rise came renewed media attention.

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I did my best to refocus the narrative back to the technology, but they love the price action.The fall, which occurred after the interview, was due to a rumor that China was ‘banning’ bitcoin- once again not the case (this happened in 2014 too). They had issued a warning about the risk of speculating and had a meeting with the Chinese exchanges to discuss limits on how they can market bitcoin to speculators.At Attores, we chose to focus on the non-currency usage of blockchain technology. We are utilizing blockchain to securely share documents and data with smart contracts and our awesome middleware interface.

In other Blockchain News:

Sh#t Getting real! Moving from POC to Commercialization
Blockchain to move from proof of concept to production in 2017

poc to commercial blockchain

“Smart contracts look to be a key tenet in the capital markets distributed ledger technology (DLT) discussion, an area set to grow quickly in 2017. And don’t discount the value of virtual currency either. Regardless of whether Bitcoin reaches $1,000 by the end of the year, the ability to transfer value around the world with no middleman continues to have the biggest appeal.”

More Investments to Flow into Blockchain
$1.44b fund of fund launched in Beijing aims to fuel M&As

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“Our investment will center on leading companies in the fields of big data, AI, cloud computing, mobile payment, supply chain financing and block chain,” said Sheng Jia, the executive director of Credit China Fin Tech.

Could Blockchain ‘Reboot’ the Banking Industry?
Blockchain will revise banking reality

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“Blockchain is a new set of rails,” says William Mougayar, author of The Business Blockchain. “And it is going to be a more efficient set of rails than the multitude of proprietary solutions and spaghetti kind of integrations that we have today. We now have a chance to rethink all of this.”

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