We are very happy to announce that we have just finished integrating the digital signing platform with Hyperledger Fabric. Hyperledger Fabric is the IBM open source blockchain, built specifically for enterprise clients. You can learn more about the different types of blockchains in Gaurang’s excellent post: 7 incredible blockchain technologies to watch out for in 2017.

hyperledger fabric blockchain
This means you can now have your transactions secured with the public Ethereum blockchain, or a Bluemix cluster running Hyperledger Fabric. There is a lot of talk about companies in the industry being blockchain agnostic- Attores is once again leading the pack by actually building applications that are truly agnostic.

If you would like to discuss a use case utilizing the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain, send us an email.

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credit suisse blockchain

The most obvious potential use for blockchain technology is the one that already exists – payment systems. But there is much more to blockchain than this.

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barclays blockchain

“It will change not just finance, but the lives of almost everyone, directly or indirectly,” he told The Economist’s Finance Disrupted conference. “At the risk of overstating this, it looks as if it has the makings of a new operating system for the planet.”

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music blockchain

Blockchain technology could create a new way to track the unique history of individual devices through recording a ledger of the data exchanges between devices and users or web service. Participants can, for example, confirm transactions without the need for a central certifying authority.

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