This week Gaurang published a really good article “7 blockchain technologies to watch out for in 2017” that I wanted to point out for special attention. As industry players, we see the evolution happening before our eyes- but for those outside, who aren’t in the blockchain trenches day to day, an article like this is very useful.

blockchain evolution

In the article “7 blockchain technologies to watch out for in 2017“, Gaurang explains 7 of the most common blockchain technologies being used or that will be put into use in the next year.

In other Blockchain News:

Universities are catching the blockchain wave
Blockchain and Imperial College London launch Digital Asset Research Lab

poc to commercial blockchain

Blockchain, the iconic software platform for digital assets, has partnered with Imperial College London to launch the Digital Asset Research Lab – an international centre for research and application activity related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Innovation comes from the edges
Blockchain’s brilliant approach to cybersecurity

security blockchain

The same technology that has enabled secure transactions with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum could now serve as a tool to prevent cyberattacks and security incidents.
Blockchains can increase security on three fronts: blocking identity theft, preventing data tampering, and stopping Denial of Service attacks.

Reconfiguring the nature of Supply Chains
Is Blockchain the Answer to E-Voting? NASDAQ Believes So

evoting blockchain

From an investor perspective, they now have the ability to:

  1. View information about meetings and vote before or during the meeting;
  2. Use the system to transfer their voting rights to a proxy;
  3. Monitor how the proxy voted on their behalf; and, if needed, recall the proxy; and
  4. Review previous meetings and transactions based on the indelible record the system creates.

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