Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Chinese New Year!

As we move into the year of the Rooster, I thought I’d crow about the wonderful support we receive from the community.

So much of what we’ve been able to do at Attores is from the support and efforts of others. This could be the open source software providing the protocol layer that we deploy our smart contracts on, the business persons who have been successful and are now angels or vc’s, and in Singapore, the folks working in organizations like SGInnovate.

gaurang / david

To help do our part, we also try to give back to the community. We release open source code, write articles to educate the market, and co-organize meetups.

We are looking forward to continuing to work together with the various stakeholders, businesses, and enthusiast in the community,

In other Blockchain News:

Singapore Government Technology – Views on Blockchain
Linking Blockchain Tech Together

government blockchain

“The smart money is on blockchain tech disrupting the financial industry, but the long term implications are still unclear.” GovTech Singapore

Can Blockchain Save the Environment?
What can blockchain do for the environment?

environment blockchain

As permanent, tamper-proof databases for any kind of data, shared by a community and owned by no one, “they are particularly interesting to environmental groups” Mainelli says, because they make it possible to track and verify transactions and interactions even in the absence of a centralised authority.

Reconfiguring the nature of Supply Chains
Is blockchain a “new operating system for the planet”? Barclays vice chairman Jeremy Wilson thinks so

barclays blockchain

Blockchain has the potential to become “a new operating system for the planet” in a generation’s time, while mainstream commercial use is likely to happen within the next decade, one of Barclays’ top executives believes.

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