The real beauty and power of APIs come from allowing them to be used by 3rdparties to generate new products. In addition to using our APIs for the signing of agreements, one innovative firm has utilized Attores to create a registry or ‘logbook’ for properties in Singapore.

Popety, a PropTech startup, has indexed 1.3 million private properties in Singapore and are now using the blockchain to record updates to these properties such as deals, issues and documents.



Full Press Release/details here.

We are thrilled to be their technology partner on this project!
Have an idea for how to use the blockchain as a registry? Let us know!

Any takers for a smart contract bet on Walking Dead vs. Seinfeld watch times?


In Other Blockchain News:

Blockchain Education Still Needed
The 2017 challenge for blockchain: Getting executives to understand it

blockchain education

Key findings from the survey showed that 28 percent of respondents had invested $5 million or more in blockchain technology, while 10 percent had invested $10 million or more. On the flip side, 39 percent of respondents had little or no knowledge in the technology.

Innovation is often preceded by “wasting” resources
Thinking Outside the Blocks

outside the blocks

Blockchain and digital tokens deliberately waste storage, which is cheap, to create something new that is valuable. This is actually the third chapter in an old story. Over the past 50 years, the information revolution has been propelled by exponential advances in the cost, speed, and capacity of three functions: computing, communication, and memory/storage.

Listed company shares now on the Bitcoin Blockchain
Overstock Begins Trading Its Shares Via the Bitcoin Blockchain

denmark cryptocurrency

Online Retailer Overstock has become the first publicly traded company to issue stock over the internet, distributing more than 126,000 company shares via technology based on the bitcoin blockchain.

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