Gaurang recently presented our Open Certificates platform ( during an Ethereum meetup at SGInnovate in Singapore.
Gaurang loves a good B.L.T.- Blockchain Ledger Technology.

digital certificates
Speaking of Attores and community….
We’re very happy to announce that together with some other local and international blockchain companies we’ve rolled out a stable testnet for Ethereum called Kovan. Instead of a traditional ‘Proof of Work’ consensus mechanism, Kovan uses ‘Proof of Authority’. This means that each validator is an approved organization, and allows us to prevent network spam and faster block confirmation times. You can therefore expect better speeds when using the testnet APIs and deployments on Attores.

digital certificates

In other Blockchain News:

Embracing Open Source in Singapore
Singapore IT bosses turn to open source

open source

Three-fifths (60%) of respondents from Singapore see open source as a cost-saving initiative, while 40% believe it is a strategic investment and increasingly deploy it as a high-quality, enterprise-grade solution running mission critical applications.

InsurTech – More POCs
PwC Brings Blockchain PoC to London’s Specialty Insurers

insurance blockchain

“This proof of concept demonstrates the potential for efficiency and the elimination of error and duplicated information,” Steve Webb, financial services blockchain leader at PwC said. “It shows how blockchain can reduce costs and speed up the claims process in the London Market, allowing experts to focus on more value-add complex claims.”

More than just Money!
How Blockchain Applications Will Move Beyond Finance

finance blockchain

Essentially, any type of digital asset can be tracked and traded through a blockchain. Information about the provenance of goods, identity, credentials, and digital rights can be securely stored with a distributed ledger.

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