Last weekend we celebrated the marriage of CTO/Cofounder Gaurang to his lovely bride Sayalee at an amazing ceremony in Pune, India.
Gaurang's Marriage in Pune India
From Left: David, Avadhoot (Attores Marketing Chief), Gaurang and his wife Sayalee.


Several months ago, when we were just starting up Attores, Gaurang put his prenup on the ethereum blockchain in a smart contract:

Any takers for a smart contract bet on Walking Dead vs. Seinfeld watch times?


In Other Blockchain News:

Bankers are Bonkers for Blockchain
Ex-Barclays CEO Antony Jenkins is joining the board of Blockchain

barclays ceo blockchain

“Blockchain technology has the potential to reinvent the way we use money and contribute to a finance system that’s high quality, low cost, secure, fair and transparent. I am proud to join a company playing a pivotal role in ushering in a new era.”

Betting Big on Blockhain
Andreessen Horowitz And Union Square Ventures Invest $10 Million In New Digital Assets Hedge Fund

andreson horowitz

Polychain Capital, a new hedge fund investing in bitcoin, ether and other digital assets, has garnered $10 million in investment from two marquee venture capital firms, Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures.

Another Government Backed Cryptocurrency
Blockchain Lures Central Banks as Danes Consider Minting E-Krone

denmark cryptocurrency

Rohde says the bank is exploring whether the electronic currency it produces “should be anonymous or not.” E-kroner would have a serial number, which would make currency units traceable at all times.

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