A question we get a lot when explaining e-signing and digital signatures to people is “are they legal”?
esigning in jail

The short answer to this question is YES. The longer answer is yes, but there a few limited exceptions (in Singapore):

  • The creation or execution of a will.
  • Negotiable instruments, documents of title, bills of exchange, promissory notes, consignment notes, bills of lading, warehouse receipts or any transferable document or instrument that entitles the bearer or beneficiary to claim the delivery of goods or the payment of a sum of money.
  • The creation, performance or enforcement of an indenture, declaration of trust or power of attorney, with the exception of implied, constructive and resulting trusts
  • Any contract for the sale or other disposition of immovable property, or any interest in such property
  • The conveyance of immovable property or the transfer of any interest in immovable property.

However, even these exceptions have exceptions, and the courts have ruled in favor of agreements entered into within emails.

So, need not worry about your agreements.


In Other Blockchain News:

Gold is Glittering on Blockchain
Royal Mint offers gold trading based on blockchain

gold on the blockchain

The state-owned Royal Mint hopes to start accepting trades from the middle of next year on its Royal Mint Gold platform, which will log each transaction using blockchain, a transparent and so-far tamper-proof method of keeping records.

FYI: Our friends at Singapore based DIGIX have been offering gold on the ethereum blockchain since January ’16.

Producers and Consumers Benefit in Energy Markets
How blockchains are transforming the energy sector

energy blockchain

In a traditional market, the space between providers and customers is packed with intermediaries, including energy companies, exchanges, traders and banks. But that space “looks much more empty with the blockchain,” said von Perfall, because each provider can link directly to a customer without the need for an intermediary.

Government Backed Cryptocurrencies, Gaining Momenetum
Senegal To Introduce A New Blockchain-Based National Digital Currency, The Second Such Currency In The World

senegal cryptocurrency

While the eCFA will use the blockchain to keep track of transactions, the digital currency is different from bitcoin in that it will be regulated by a central banking system. The eCFA would be issued solely by the central bank, but confer the benefits of transparency and cryptography to prevent counterfeiting and fake transactions.

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