Gaurang and I are in Hong Kong this week for the NextMoney Fintech Finals, and also using this opportunity to meet with potential clients and partners. If you would like to meet up- send me an email.

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An interesting trend we are seeing at Attores, and part of our original value proposition (Smart Contracts as a Service™) is clients coming to us for specific use cases using blockchain technology. If you have an idea you’d like to talk to us about – something you think would work well as a Smart Contract – blockchain offering, let us know and we’ll schedule a call to discuss.

In general, we find the most value for blockchain in:

  1. Transferring value peer to peer, as an asset on the blockchain, or external item represented as an asset on the blockchain. (swaps of digital gold for the cryptocurrency ether)
  2. Proving the origination of digital assets, including newly digitized (diplomas, certificates, gold tokens)
  3. Sharing information between multiple parties and allowing rights to the data among different parties (trade finance documents)
  4. Showing a transparent trail of issuance, transfer and control of 1, 2, 3.

In other Blockchain News:

$110 Billion in Costs Savings with Blockchain
Blockchain impact timeline speeds up, massive cost savings forecast

poc to commercial blockchain

Uptake of distributed ledgers will remove $110 billion in costs for the global financial services industry over the next three years as the technology is applied to critical ‘pain points’ across seven legitimate use cases, according to an analysis by McKinsey.

Innovation comes from the edges
Anti-establishment wave to help push blockchain into real world in 2017

china blockchain

Notwithstanding the corporate interest, blockchain reflects the spirit of the past year when disgruntled Britons rejected the European Union, Italians brought down their prime minister and Americans elected Trump.
“A global and open blockchain … lends itself very well to current anti-establishment sentiment,” said Jon Matonis, an economist and founding director of the Bitcoin Foundation. “The general theme is removing the role of a third-party auditor or enforcement agency.”

Reconfiguring the nature of Supply Chains
Blockchain: The Next Evolution of Supply Chains

banking blockchain

The traditional supply chain is woefully outdated. It has evolved (or devolved) into an inefficient system of delivery that siloes manufacturers and consumers, preventing each from understanding the needs of the other. Blockchain, on the other hand, introduces an infrastructure to the supply chain based on shared value networks of guaranteed transparency, community, immutability, authenticity, ethics and security.

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